Equipment for Agriculture

Equipment for Agriculture

Wema Agriculture

Tried, tested and reliable...Fuel senders with integrated suction and return; the latest in Quality Sensors and a complete suit of engine monitoring electronics. 
This is why large OEMs like JCB and independent farmers across the world rely on Wema products day in, day out, under the most demanding situations, mile after mile.

Wema's equipment for agriculture features everything from the latest in AdBlue sensors through to traditional fuel tank level sensors for tractors, Land Rovers or generators, Wema products continue to be trusted by farmers large and small.

Fluid level sensors for mobile spraying tanks or static tanks in the farm yard.  Fuel and water level senders.

We supply standard senders and gauges as well as special units with high/low level alarms.

Agricultural engineers also fit Wema senders as as position indicators - to monitor the height various moving parts.  

Growing up in the marine industry, all Wema products are battle tested in the harshest of conditions.  Almost all of our products are IP67 rated and can withstand the rigours of farming machinery.

In agriculture, timing is critical when tilling the soil, caring for and harvesting crops, and transporting the produce to market.
That is why reliability is a must.
That is the key: The operator will never give a second thought to the fact that he isrelying on Wema componentsevery single second of his working day. Year after year.