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Digital GPS Speedometer

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  • 85mm diameter gauge
  • User selectable MPH / KMH / Knots range 0-99 
  • Displays Speed & COG (course over ground) bearing
  • GPS aerial included
  • LCD display
  • IP56 waterproof
  • Choice of face & bezel colours
  • Works on 12v, resistor included for use in 24v circuits
  • Choice of colours.

This digital display, 85mm diameter, speedometer combines speed and compass direction in one LCD gauge.

GPS aerial simply plugs into the gauge and must be installed with line of sight to the sky, inside or out.





Yellow       -    yellow light
Orange     -    red light
Red           -    to positive (+)
Blue          -    to ground (-)




1. Cut an 85mm (3 3/8") diameter hole for the gauge.
You will need a minimum clearance of 55mm (2 3/16") behind the panel to fit the gauge.

2. Remove fastening rings and insert gauge through panel from the front, fit and tighten fastening ring from the rear.

3. Connect wires according to wiring instruction. 

Select either Orange or Yellow wires for backlighting. Wire colour corresponds with backlight colour.

4. Insert wire harness into port at the back of the gauge.

5. Securely fasten the GPS antenna, preferably outdoors (or inside windscreen) so that it has a clear view of the sky. Connect the antenna cable to socket on the gauge. Do not cut cable.

6. After turning power on, allow the gauge to sample satellite signal for 1 minute. The gauge will show speed in knots (SOG) and Compass (COG) only when the boat is moving. While boat is lying still all data is frozen, so the compass cannot be used as a reference until the boat is moving, when the signal is recovered.

7. All data is for reference only and should not be trusted as sole navigation source.