Replacing a floating-arm sender


VDO style floating arm sender








If your tank has been fitted with an old floating-arm style sender and you're looking to upgrade it to a more reliable and accurate unit then our S3 sender is the perfect replacement.

The floating arm style sender has lots of mechanical parts which, together with all the electronics, are completely submerged in the fuel / water.  


The Wema S3 or S5 senders have no mechanically moving parts to get worn or broken, just a circular float that rises and falls with the liquid in your tank.  


All the electronics are safely double-insulated inside the 316 stainless steel tube. It is very durable and can withstand the constant motion of the liquid much better than the floating-arm.


The S3 sender can be used in petrol (gasoline), diesel, fresh water, grey water and black water.


Wema S3 level sender

Combined with an FL-2 nylon flange that bolts down to the existing SAE-5-hole drill pattern on your tank, the S3 sender screws directly into the flange enabling quick and easy installation.

Fitting is as easy as screwing in the sender and joining two wires to the gauge.

We can supply senders to match the resistance values of your existing gauge, whatever the manufacturer.



 As you need small headed M5 screws to avoid catching on the central up-stand of the flange, these can be included with the FL-2 - please select 'with screws' when ordering.

If you are replacing a floating arm sender and have any further questions, please get in touch.