Truck & Bus Sender - TN - Wema UK
Truck & Bus Sender - TN - Wema UK
Truck & Bus Sender - TN - Wema UK

Truck & Bus Sender - TN

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  • Level sensor
  • Suitable for petrol & Diesel 
  • Suction & return pipes for fuel
  • Optional Air vent
  • Optional filter
  • Optional high or low level alarm
  • 304 Stainless steel construction (body)
  • SAE 5 hole drill pattern
  • IP67


The TN Sender is a general purpose fuel sender incorporating suction and return pipes for fuel.

Because it is made to order and does not have interchangeable suction and return ports, like the TX sender, it is more normally used for high volume applications where a suction and return feed are required to be incorporated into the sender.

As there are so many different versions of this sender it's always best to give us a call and we can make sure that we supply you with the correct unit for your application.

The TN sender is supplied with a bolt down head with a standard SAE 5 hole pattern.

For replacement senders we need to know Wema part number.  This can be found stamped into the top of the sender.  If in doubt, send us a photo for identification. 


For new applications we need to know:

  • Application (Diesel/Bio-fuel etc.)
  • Length of sensor (and/or height of tank minus 10mm)
  • Resistance value (Empty Ohm (i.e. 10) and Full Ohm (i.e.180) =>10-180 Ω)
  • Fitting for suction – dimension and/or quick fit? 
  • Fitting for return – dimension and/or quick fit? 
  • Angle of suction & return pipes
  • Air vent required?
  • Fuel filter required?
  • Alarm required?
  • Electronic connector (i.e. DIN 2-4 pin or other)


SAE-5 hole Drill Pattern

Sender Comparison Chart