NMEA2000 - 7" Multi Function Engine Display

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The Wema NMEA2000 - 7" Multi Function Engine Display is a colour TFT touchscreen dedicated to engine control.

It shows real time engine data such as oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, engine RPM etc.

The 7" multi-function display is also capable of showing other NMEA2000 data such as water level, fuel level and more.

The Wema 7" multi function engine display is a robust and waterproof unit for marine use.

You can set up personalised alarms and select different operating languages.

Delivered with one 1 m NMEA2000 drop cable with female and male connectors.

NMEA2000 - 7" Multi Function Engine Display Specifications:

Display:                                  7” TFT sunlight viewable touch screen
• Screen resolution:            800x480 px
• Input:                                     NMEA2000
• Cable and connector:      1000 mm with NMEA2000 Micro male
• Operating temperature:  -20 to +70°C
• IP rating:                                 IP67
• Power supply:                      12 vDC (via the NMEA2000 network)
• Drill hole:                               199 x 116 mm
• Outer dimension:               212 x 136 mm
• Depth:                                    135 mm (incl. cable and connector)
LEN:                                        8
• Resistant to:                        Ozone, UV and saltwater