FL-2 Flange - Wema UK
FL-2 Flange - Wema UK
FL-2 Flange - Wema UK
FL-2 Flange - Wema UK
FL-2 Flange - Wema UK
FL-2 Flange - Wema UK


FL-2 Flange

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  • 1 ¼" BSP thread and dual 5 hole pattern
  • Converts SAE 5 hole or VDO 5 hole pattern for retro-fitting
  • Supplied with Nitrile rubber gasket
  • Screw hole size - 5mm
  • Supplied with nitrile gasket 
  • Set of small headed M5 stainless screws available as extra item for use with inner hole pattern.
  • Perfect for use in retrofitting floating arm sender to give female thread for standard S3 type Wema sender

    Nylon Flange used for mounting the S3 fuel or water sender or S3H holding tank (black water) sender.

    Fitted to topside of tank to create 1 ¼" BSP thread.  Hole pattern is standard SAE 5 hole

    Can be used with VDO-U inner ring.


    For mounting in tanks with a thin top it is recommended to use a FL-2 flange together with a FLS-U under-ring (stainless steel) flange to secure against leaks.

    The hole pattern on the FLS-U fits the 5 inner holes on the FL-2.

    This hole pattern is the standard SAE 5-hole pattern Ø54 mm.

    Please note that the SAE 5-hole pattern is not symmetrical.

    Turn the parts to find the correct position before fitting the screws. A mark on both parts shows corresponding holes.




    When mounting the FL-2, cut a 59 mm hole in the tank where the sensor is to be placed.

    Slide the FL-U or FLS-U in place inside the tank, and mount the FL-2 with rubber gasket on tank top.

    When all 5 screws are securely tightened, the S3 sensor, with its 2 o-rings, can be screwed into the FL-2 flange.