Analogue Clock Gauge
Analogue Clock Gauge
Analogue Clock Gauge
Analogue Clock Gauge
Analogue Clock Gauge
Analogue Clock Gauge


Analogue Clock Gauge

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 Analogue Quartz Clock

  • 52mm diameter gauge
  • Works on both 12v & 24v
  • Choice of colours.

This high-precision Quartz clock fits into a standard 52mm diameter hole.  Available in the same choice of face and bezel colours to ensure seamless integration with other gauges or as a stylish standalone unit.

The clock does not audibly tick so it's perfect for quiet environments too!

Supplied with a separate adjustment button to ensure IP65 waterproofness of the gauge.





Yellow       -    adjustment button
Orange     -    red light
Black        -    adjustment button
Red           -    to positive (+)
Blue          -    to ground (-)



1. Cut a 52mm (2 1/16") diameter hole for the clock & a 12mm hole for the adjustment button in the panel.
You will need a minimum clearance of 55mm (2 3/16") behind the panel to fit the gauge.

2. Remove fastening rings and insert gauge and button through panel from the front, fit and tighten fastening rings from the rear.

3. Connect wires according to wiring instruction. Clock does not contain a backup battery so connect to constant power source.

Select either Orange or Yellow wires for backlighting. Wire colour corresponds with backlight colour.

4. Insert wire harness into port at the back of the gauge.


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