NMEA 2k - Tachometer - Wema UK
NMEA 2k - Tachometer - Wema UK
NMEA 2k - Tachometer - Wema UK


NMEA 2k - Tachometer

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NMEA 2000 Silverline Tachometer

The tachometer is invaluable if you want to see how your engine is running. The gauge checks idling, normal running and peak load. Also useful when choosing the right propeller and for the maximum fuel economy.

The Wema NMEA2000 tachometer can replace NMEA2000 OEM tachometers. The sunlight readable LCD display can show fault codes, alarms, engine hours, fuel consumption among other things.

Delivered with one 1 m NMEA2000 drop cable/back bone cable with female and male connector.



  • Model: Silverline gauge with, stainless steel, slim bezel, acid resistant
  • Output: NMEA2000
  • Cable and connector: 1000 mm +/-30 mm with NMEA2000 Micro male
  • Working range: 7000 rpm
  • Blue backlight
  • Operating temperature -25 to +70°C Waterproof, IP67
  • Resistant to ozone, UV and saltwater Fully corrosion protected
  • Power supply: 12 V
  • Power consumption: 140 mA
  • Drill hole: 85 mm
  • Outer dimension: 97 mm
  • Depth: 60 mm
  • Engine RPM
  • Engine trim/tilt
  • Fuel rate (LPH or GPH)
  • Fuel level
  • Engine temp (Celsius or Fahrenheit) Oil pressure (BAR or PSI)
  • Engine total hours
  • Battery voltage
  • Alarms
  • Check engine
  • High temperature
  • Low oil pressure
  • Charge indicator
  • Maintenance needed
  • Low oil level (in oil tank)