Leakage Alarm - Wema UK
Leakage Alarm - Wema UK
Leakage Alarm - Wema UK
Leakage Alarm - Wema UK


Leakage Alarm

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Placed in the bilge, at a level where there is normally no water and connected to our Buzzer, the alarm will sound if water unexpectedly reaches the trigger point. A simple safety product for peace of mind.

Available in ABS plastic or Stainless Steel - both products work the same.



1. Wema Leakage alarm is made to warn you of a sudden leak or an increase above normal in the bilge/hull water level. It can be connected to a buzzer (Wema BZ-1) or a small signal lamp.

2. Mount the bracket (I) in suitable place, insert the sensor (II) and fasten by tightening the screw (III) .

3. Make electrical connections according to diagram (IV), You can connect to 12 or 24 Volt system. Max power is 300mA/3 W.

4. *IMPORTANT* Don't connect to power without a lamp or buzzer in the circuit as this will cause a short circuit and destroy the switch.

5. Normal position is as fig (V). Test the function regularly by turning the sensor upside down(VI), the float inside will move and activate the alarm.

6. The alarm level is at 80-85 mm from bottom of unit(VII).


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