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Tachometer Inductive Sensor

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The Inductive Sensor works with the Tachometer as alternative to taking a feed from the W terminal on the alternator.

The inductive sensor counts the gear rotation speed.  It's main advantages include a stable output signal; wide range of operational temperatures, small size and simple assembly process.

It covers a wide range of measurements including zero rotation speed.

  • Operating temperature: -40ºC - +85ºC
  • Output signal: Sine wave
  • Inductance distance: ≤ 1mm
  • Tooth Module: 2~6
  • Connection: two wires connection
  • Thread: 5/8 UNF
  • IP65

This sensor applies induction to measure the speed of the flywheel; it has large output signal, good anti-interference, no need of amplification or external power supply.

It can be used in severe circumstances such as smog, oil, moisture, etc.

Sensor can be assembled at the radial position of the gear; distance between the sensor end and the gear top (air gap) is about 1mm, the smaller the distance is, the bigger output signal will be. To get a large output signal and sinusoidal waveform, the involute gear must have more than 2 gear modules, and distance between the sensor end and the gear top no less than 1mm. Output voltage waveform: involute gear is approximate to sinusoidal wave.




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