NMEA 2k - Terminators - Wema UK
NMEA 2k - Terminators - Wema UK
NMEA 2k - Terminators - Wema UK
NMEA 2k - Terminators - Wema UK


NMEA 2k - Terminators

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NMEA 2000 - Terminators

NMEA2000 network need terminating resistors at either end to terminate or close the NMEA 2000 network and should be installed on one side of a T-connector.

One female and one male is required for a proper NMEA2000 installation.

    • NMEA2000 network standard, compatible with other manufacturer's NMEA2000 products

    • 120 ohm resistor

    • Waterproof rating IP68


    NMEA 2000 Inline-terminator

    The inline terminator can be used at the end of a NMEA2000 backbone to terminate the backbone and still allow for a single device to be used after the terminator.

    Use the inline terminator between the backbone cable and your compatible NMEA2000 device to neatly terminate the network without a T-connector and standard terminator.

    It can for example be used to connect a compatible NMEA2000 device in the top of a sailboat mast.

    The inline terminator works like a normal terminator and will terminate the NMEA2000 network.

    It will function properly as an end terminator even if there’s nothing connected to the other end of the inline terminator.

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