Voltage Regulator - 12Vdc Output Accessory
Voltage Regulator - 12Vdc Output Accessory
Voltage Regulator - 12Vdc Output Accessory


Voltage Regulator - 12vDC output

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Our new voltage regulator does one job, simply and effectively — takes an input of 7-36 volts dc and outputs a regulated 12 volt dc current.

Useful on both 12 and 24 volt systems — on 24 volt systems it reduces the voltage down to 12 volts, and on 12 volt systems it ensures a constant 12 volt current.

A constant, regulated current ensures that the gauge read-out does not alter with voltage fluctuations.

One regulator works for multiple gauges, able to provide 12 volts to the whole dashboard (up to 3A) and replacing the need for individual dropping resistors on a 24 volt system.

As an example; a standard Wema 52mm gauge will draw a maximum current of 130mA, so each 3A voltage regulator can supply power for up to 20 standard gauges.

The built in heat-sink ensures the heavy duty die-cast aluminium body stays cool through simple air convection.

All the electronics are sealed providing IP68 (submersible up to 1.5m deep for at least 30 mins) protection from the elements.

The NCC & NICHICON internal capacitor ensures high efficiency and a long service life of up to 100,000 hours.

 Rated Input Voltage

8V / 12V / 24V

Input Voltage Range

7 - 36 Volts dc

Output Voltage

12 Vdc

Output Current


Output Power


Waterproof Rating



64 * 57 * 22mm



Working Temperature

-40ºC to +80ºC

Protection Short Circuit, Low Voltage,
Overload & Over Temperature


Voltage Regulation


Load Regulation


Ripple & Noise 150mVp-p
No Load Loss 28mA
Input Cable Red / Black
Output Cable Yellow / Black
Compliance ROHS / CE