NMEA 2k - Setup Tool - Wema UK
NMEA 2k - Setup Tool - Wema UK
NMEA 2k - Setup Tool - Wema UK


NMEA 2k - Setup Tool

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NMEA 2000 Setup Tool

Setup Tool required for NMEA 2k converters; used when more than one sensor and instrument are installed in a NMEA 2k network.

Setup Tool sets the instance and type of instrument attached providing the network with the correct protocol number.

For example; on a boat with two fuel tanks and one water tank you would set

Sender 1 - Type: Fuel, Instance: 1
Fuel gauge 1 - Instance 1

Sender 2 - Type: Fuel, Instance: 2
Fuel gauge 2 - Instance 2

Sender 3 - Type: Water & Instance: 1 
Water gauge 1 - Instance 1


Senders are set to Fuel tank / instance 1 as default.  If you require a different calibration please state tank & instance number when ordering.



Setup Instruction Video