Dual Station Converter Box - Wema UK
Dual Station Converter Box - Wema UK
Dual Station Converter Box - Wema UK
Dual Station Converter Box - Wema UK


Dual Station Converter Box

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This new converter from Wema UK allows the connection of two senders to one gauge or one sender to two gauges.

Designed this with simplicity in mind - just connect 12v (or24v), the sender(s) and gauge(s).  [For 24v systems a 150Ω resistor or 12v voltage regulator must be placed inline on the Positive gauge wires]


1 Sender --> 2 Gauges

Any application where you require two gauges to display the information from one sender.

For example: One fuel sender feeding a gauge at the helm and another on the flybridge.  Or if you require one gauge next to the filler and one in the dash.


2 Senders --> 1 Gauge

The most obvious use of this setup would be where you have twin tanks, for instance; in an off-road vehicle and wish to know the total volume of fuel/water available on one gauge.

It also allows for a far more accurate way to measure the contents of a tank that is constantly moving.  
If you have one sender in a long shallow tank (on a RIB for example) then as the tank is angled backwards or sideways, the liquid in the tank runs to one end giving a false reading on the gauge.  

By placing two senders at opposite ends of the tank and connecting to the Dual Station Converter Box the signal is averaged between the two senders and gives a far more accurate representation on the gauge of the true volume of fuel inside the tank.

  • 2 Senders --> 1 Gauge
  • 2 Gauges --> 1 Sender
  • No calibration required
  • Works with all Wema resistance senders (fuel, water, holding tank, temp, pressure, etc.)
  • 12 or 24 volts DC
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Small size - only 57 x 51 x 21mm
  • Integral mounting points