NMEA 2k - T-Connector - 4 Ports - Wema UK
NMEA 2k - T-Connector - 4 Ports - Wema UK


NMEA 2k - T-Connector - 4 Ports

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NMEA 2000 - 4 Port T-connector 

The 4 port NMEA2000 connector is an alternative to the T-connector when multiple ports are required from the NMEA2000 backbone to connect other devices.

Offers a more cost effective and streamlined solution than several T-connectors.

Taking less space and gives a more neatly NMEA2000 installation.

  • Allows several drop cables to be consolidated and connected neatly 

  • NMEA2000 network standard, compatible with other manufacturer's NMEA2000 products 

  • Waterproof rating IP68