Fuel & Water Sender - S5 (5 bolt)
Fuel & Water Sender - S5 (5 bolt)
Fuel & Water Sender - S5 (5 bolt)
Fuel & Water Sender - S5 (5 bolt)
Fuel & Water Sender - S5 (5 bolt)
Wema Sender and Gauge wiring diagram
Wema Sender and Gauge wiring diagram


Fuel & Water Sender - S5 (5 bolt)

Regular price £40.89



  • 316 stainless steel
  • SAE 5 hole pattern
  • IP67
  • Simple to install and remove
  • Very reliable
  • Lengths from 150mm - 1600mm +


Robustly made from 316 stainless steel and fitted as original equipment for over 30 years by all the major British and European boat builders, our senders still work on the simple principle of twin magnets in the float tripping a series of reed switches securely housed, and doubly insulated inside the stainless tube.

Over the years senders have been improved with advances in reed switch technology, allowing us to fit far more switches inside the senders, giving the better resolution required by modern digital displays.

We now offer high-resolution senders from 150mm to 400mm.  These senders are the same as the standard-resolution in every way except we have placed the switches at ~every 10mm instead of ~every 20mm giving you more accuracy and clarity in the shallowest of tanks.

They have proved very reliable and this technology is used by all major European truck and bus manufacturers and on many off road vehicles.

Senders are available with either a 5 hole flange (S5) or a 1 ¼” BSP male thread (S3) and are made in a series of lengths from 150mm - 1600mm.

Longer senders and bespoke options are also available, please get in touch to find out more. 

There are two standard resistances, 0-190 ohm, used mainly in European gauges and 240-30 ohm used by American gauge manufacturers. Senders and gauges must have the same resistance range.



Simply connect one wire to earth and the other wire to the sensor cable on the gauge.


Please note: If sender length/resistance is out of stock then we can normally supply you with an S3 sender and FL2 flange for the same price as an S5.  Please contact us if the website shows product is out of stock and we can advise lead time or suggest an alternative solution.  


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