Equipment for the Land Rover Defender

Equipment for the Land Rover Defender

A collection of senders and gauges specifically selected for the Land Rover Defender.

This equipment for the Land Rover, also works with any off-road vehicle but is very popular with Defender owners.  They are designed and built to withstand the vibrations and bumps that are part of off roading.  

The fuel sender has no mechanical moving parts, just a float.  Even in a Landy, it's very hard to break a float on a stainless tube!  

Got a custom tank with an odd size or shape?  Just give us a call, we can make you a specially calibrated sender. 

Expedition vehicles with a water tank? No problem, all of our fuel senders are made of stainless steel and are designed for use in petrol, diesel & water.

The gauges fit exactly into the existing 52mm gauge holes in your Landy.  They also look great in a Mud StuffMud Pod,Mini Pod orDefender Console.

Can't see what you're looking for or want something special, just give us a call or drop us anemail.