Bilge Pump Switch - Wema UK
Bilge Pump Switch - Wema UK
Bilge Pump Switch - Wema UK


Bilge Pump Switch

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Heavy duty bilge pump switch with waterproof relay system.  Pump is switched on when level reached 80mm from bottom and continues to run until level drops to 20mm from bottom of pump switch.  20 amps. Easy to fit and maintain.

The Manual Switch is used for running pump manually. The pump will run as long as the Manual Switch is on.



Wire 1 - Automatic operation - Red to Battery +, Black to Battery -
Wire 2 - Switched Manual operation - Battery + via Switch
Wire 3 - Bilge Pump - Red to Pump +, Black to Pump -


1. Choose proper position to fix clamp with screw according to Fig. 2.

2. Follow fig.3 to insert the Pump Switch into clip at the position of 2/3 body length. Then fasten screw to fix Pump Switch in place.

3. Connect cables according to Fig. 1

4. Loosen screw for fixing Pump Switch and adjust position of Pump Switch. The best placement is to have the pump mounted lower than Pump Switch. (or adjust according to user demand). And make sure that pump starts automatically at required level.

5. Maintenance:  Clean dirt inside and outside of sleeve periodically to avoid invalid automatic switching. After removing Pump Switch, pinch circlip and pull protection sleeve off, then clean with fresh water. (See Fig. 4)



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