Southerly Lifting Keel - Wema UK
Southerly Lifting Keel - Wema UK
Southerly Lifting Keel - Wema UK
Southerly Lifting Keel - Wema UK

Southerly Lifting Keel

Regular price £162.50

The unique Southerly Swing Keel provides deep draft for powerful windward performance and at the 'touch of a button' the keel can be raised to just 2'4'' for shallow draft freedom, allowing you to sail in coastal areas and inland waters. 



Over the last 20+ years we have been making senders and gauges for the Southerly Swing Keel.  

The senders all work on the same principle, a series of reed switches activated by a magnet.  They do however come in many, many different lengths, with different length electronics inside depending on the configuration of your particular yacht.

When ordering a replacement sender it is normally best to send us your old unit and we will either replace the electronics inside or replace the whole unit.  We also need to know how many panels it feeds.

The gauge panels have gone through a number of different iterations over the years, each version becoming more weathertight and more modern in terms of design and components.

The latest panel is made from laminated aluminium with all of the electronics behind the panel.  It also comes supplied with a genuine Carling rocker switch.

Panels are available in portrait and landscape orientations - for landscape choose between switch on right or left hand side.

As all panels are made to order please allow 7 working days for dispatch.




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